About Kakato

The birth of Kakato - Brand Motto

"Healthy Food Means Healthy Pets"

More and more people regard their cats and dogs as family members and their health is the pet owner's main concern. Kakato has been providing a wide variety of high-quality, delicious and healthy tinned food, snacks and gluten-free dry food for pet owners who cares about the health of their pets. Eventually, they can grow up healthily and happily.

Brand Origin

When Dr April Fong, the founder of Kakato, visited the world's largest international pet exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany for the first time in 2008. She was touched by what she saw as there were multifarious pet foods with different qualities. She asked herself, “how could pet owners choose what is suitable and could provide the most health benefits for their beloved cats and dogs?”

In the past, most of the pet food markets were dominated by major brands from Europe and the United States. For a long time, Hong Kong companies can only go to overseas pet exhibitions to seek agency rights. If a brand established by a Hong Kong company could be introduced overseas and let foreign companies be its agencies, it will surely not only win honour for Hong Kong but also convey the message of healthy eating to more pet owners.

After two years of market survey, observation and research, Kakato officially launched its cats and dogs tinned food with five flavours in Hong Kong. Since it was a new brand in 2010, despite the high-quality ingredients, it failed to attract the attention of users. After continuous efforts and customers‘ recommendations, Kakato has finally made a name, and become the most recommended additive-free tinned pet food by pet shops and veterinarians in Hong Kong.

Brand Concept

"Healthy and delicious" is the basic principle of Kakato premium pet food when comes to ingredients selection. As healthy ingredients fundamental for the growth of healthy pets, in order to keep them eating happily and healthily, Kakato uses only fresh and high-quality ingredients without artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives or flavour enhancers.

Regardless of brands or how much pets love to eat, with consideration of their long-term health, pet owners are advised to feed any kind of pet food which contains chemical elements or artificial flavours with caution.

Most international pet food brands focus on development in major markets and tend to have little attention and support for small markets. Dr Fong who was born in Hong Kong, understands that every small market has its development potential and market characteristics. As she has been having a special bonding with animals since childhood, apart from providing quality healthy food to cats and dogs, she also pays special attention to their physical and mental growth, hoping that they can have a healthy and happy life.

In Hong Kong, pets are not allowed to ride on public transport, therefore Dr Fong launched Kakato® Animal Bus in 2012 providing free rides for pets and their owners, taking them to different outing places for pleasant weekends.

The more solicitude the more devotion. In order to encourage more people who care and are passionate about animals to join the animal medical-related industries in Hong Kong, Dr Fong set up Kakato® Scholarship in 2016 to help young people study veterinary degrees courses without financial pressure.

In the same year, Dr Fong organised Hong Kong's first human-dog charity orienteering event, letting dogs and their owners finish a series of interactive games in nature and to enhance mutual affection. All event proceeds are to be donated for animal welfare purposes.

In short, regardless of the market size, Dr Fong hopes to have the opportunity to let pet owners around the world know about Kakato and at the same time give Kakato the opportunity to contribute to pet welfare in different places.

Brand Identification

Originated from New Zealand's Maori language, “Kakato” means delicious. Thanks to its high-quality ingredients, natural flavours, and human consumable elements, Kakato premium pet food is more popular among pets and their owners than other tinned pet foods sold in the market during the same period.

To continue the concept of pets healthy eating, Kakato has launched a collection of dry foods and snacks to provide pets with a balanced diet and nutrition throughout the day.

The New Zealand-made Kakato dry food use low-temperature high-pressure cooking technology keeping most of the water and nutrients in each kibble. Coupled with the gluten-free formula, the whole line of food products is natural, hypoallergenic, healthy and delicious.

Kakato healthy snacks have two series -- low-temperature air-drying and smoked steaming. Both series are using human-grade ingredients, such as wild-caught marine fish and meat from New Zealand natural farms, suitable for cats and dogs.

Brand Milestone


Awarded Hong Kong Top Brand


Sponsored Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden “The Gibbon's Life in the Treetops”

Launched Complete Diet Series


Kakato Animal Food Bank Officially Launched


Launched freeze-dried fruit series

Launched three new flavors of tinned mousse - Saba mousse, Tuna fish mousse, Sea Bream mousse


Established "Kakato Entrance Scholarship" at City University of Hong Kong

First World Cup advertising sponsorship

Sponsored famous actor, Gregory Rivers "Dare to Dream" Concert

Sponsored the 11th OlymPets

Debut of Golden Fern Series

Appointed as the first pet food brand in the world served in private jet’s pet food menu in Hong Kong

Sponsored “Animal Welfare Across Border” conference


Sponsored a charity film premiere "A Street Cat Named Bob" the SPCA Hong Kong

First exhibition at the Pet Fair Asia 2017, Shanghai

Most recommended non-prescription tinned pet food by veterinarians in Hong Kong

Endorsed with PCCW The Excellence Brand Award, The Outstanding Pet Food

Sponsored NPV mobile veterinary clinic

Start sponsoring SPCA “Foster Parent Programme”


First veterinary Kakato bachelor scholarship in Hong Kong

Sponsored SPCA Hong Kong Project for bettering the children education provision in remote mountain areas in China.

First Kakato Man Dog Charity Orienteering Event in Hong Kong


First exhibition at the Singapore Pet Expo

Product launch in Malaysia.

Sponsored Greater China Cat Society International Pure Breed Competition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Sponsored a short film charity screening the SPCA Hong Kong


Product launch in Singapore.

First international worldwide pet industry's exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany

Title sponsor of the 2014 Cat Fanciers Association International Division Award Banquet and Presentation, Guangzhou, China.


First international commercial was filmed in Italy

Product launch in China


Kakato free animal bus launched in Hong Kong

Product launch in Taiwan


Product launch in Macau


First exhibition at the Hong Kong Pet Show

The birth of Kakato