Kakato sponsors the 11th OlymPets

The 11th OlymPets will be held in more than ten cities nationwide. So far, it has been successfully held in Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Xian and Shenzhen!

There are eight events in the OlymPets, including 50-feet sprint, 50-feet hurdler, 100-feet run back and forth, Triathlon, High jump, Long jump, Pentathlon, Endorsement dog selection. Many dogs are attracted by the interesting and challenging events. In the OlymPets, the dogs show their talents, their relationship with the owners will be enhanced too.

The Kakato trophy, medal and Kakato premium tinned food were awarded to the winning dogs. Kakato is made from the highest quality, natural, human grade ingredients with no additives or flavoring. It’s a sweet reward for the winning dogs.

For further information about OlymPets, please keep following the WeChat official Account: Kakato Pet Food.