Kakato x Life Travel Contract Signing Ceremony

Kakato won Life Travel designated to be the pet food supplier for private jet flights.  It is the first feat in the world of pets and aviation.

On 9th January Kakato and Life Travel held the Appointment Signing Ceremony in Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC).  In the future, pet owners can choose different flavours of the pet food according to their pet’s preferences and needs, so that pets can enjoy different tastes of Kakato food in the air.

The ceremony invited Sammy Leung who is a famous artist to be the master of ceremony.  Also, guest Priscilla Wong, TV star; Karl Ting, the first runner-up of Mr Hong Kong 2016 and Dog “Tong Yuen”.  Priscilla chose a Kakato’s aircraft meal to “Tong Yuen” to experience fun with a pet on a private jet and “Tong Yuen” very enjoy with the meal.

Kakato formulated various choices of top quality products that are healthy, natural, delicious and premium.  Products including 4 grain-free dry food, 23 flavours of tinned food and 5 snacks. Rigorously selected human-grade ingredients, no hormone and antibiotics residues and ensure free from BSE prion.  Ensure pets eat healthy and happy.

Travelling with pets on a private jet and pets can stay in the cabin.  Is it attractive?

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