Notice of New Packaging Label

Kakato® Premium Pet Food has recently revamped the packaging label of all 23 flavours of tinned food and newly labelled products are now being gradually introduced into the market.  This aids to enable easy reading of more detailed information of the product contents, please be assured that all existing flavours, ingredients and formula remain unchanged.

1. Nutrition Analysis

The new label shows a more detailed Guaranteed Analysis to replace the Typical Analysis.

2. Special Feature Icon

The new label depicts seals highlighting the product’s special feature for easy reference.

3.  Product Photo

The new label shows the content of food in colours and brightness much closer to actual.

For any further inquiries about Kakato® Premium Pet Food, please contact us directly or visit our website www.kakato.com for the most updated product news.  Thank you for your attention and we look forward to continuing to bring quality food items to pets and pet lovers!