Chicken & Egg Mousse with Goat Milk
  • Egg: A source of high-quality protein that helps repair muscles and tissues. It is also rich in a variety of vitamins which includes vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin D as well as minerals such as iron and selenium, which are beneficial to the overall health of pets. The fat in egg yolks helps keep your pet’s skin and hair healthy.
  • Chicken: High-quality low-density lipoprotein, essential amino acid and low calories to help promote good health and boost the immune system.
  • Goat milk: Rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals to enhance the health of pet’s teeth and bone. Compared to cow’s milk, goat milk has a lower lactose content and relatively smaller average fat globule size , making it easier for pets to digest especially those with lactose intolerance.
  • Tapioca: It is naturally gluten-free and hypoallergenic, easily digestible carbohydrate and energy source.
  • Essential amino acid: Very important for muscle maintenance, metabolic function and the immune system.
  • Mousse texture: Especially suitable for cats and dogs who have difficulty chewing solid food and can be easily mixed with dry food and health supplement for feeding.
Ingredients & Guaranteed Analysis


Egg 37 %
Chicken 16 %
Goat milk 3 %
Essential amino acid 2 %
Tapioca 2 %
Vegetable oil 0.5 %
Polysaccharide gum 0.1 %
Water 39.4 %


Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) 10 %
Crude Fat (min) 3 %
Crude Fibre (max) 0.2 %
Ash (max) 2 %
Moisture (max) 84 %


Energy: 102kcal/100g(ME)